Monday, May 24, 2010

calling fall

good evening everyone. hope your day was blessed. has been a great and confusing day. my daughter and her family is almost moved in and now the straightening up begins. we have most of the things put away. we tried to put things up while they were bringing things in. it is always hard to have to move in with someone so please keep us all in your prayers. my husband and i love having them here with us. we dont know how to live without kids. family is the most important thing in our lives. anyway here is a new qp i made for you all with the kit called calling fall by BCS (baby cake scraps). enjoy till next time. GOD BLESS.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

lazy days of summer update

i am sorry that i did not put a link on the qp on the lazy days of summer. the link is now fixed and avalible for download. sorry for the inconvience. have a wonderful BLESSED DAY.


Friday, May 21, 2010

lazy days for summer

good afternoon everyone. what a lovely day GOD has given us today. our garden is doing good and our remodeling is almost done. here is a look at the new flooring we put in after taking out the ugly dark green carpet. it is called terra cotta.

it really looks good in the living room and dining room. seems to give them the open look and a bit of the outdoors. now having to put everything back together, what fun.. we have all the rooms done except our bedroom which will be done sometime soon. cant wait. anyway enough of my babbling. here is a qp for you that i did using different items that were created by granny art. hope you enjoy this qp. this is my husband and youngest daughter. enjoy the rest of the day and GOD BLESS.


Thursday, May 13, 2010


good evening everyone. hope this has been a good day for all of you. you should see my house now. my husband just took out all the carpet in the living room, dining room and hall way. it was a job moving things around to do so. will be glad when all carpet is gone. you should have seen all the sand the vaccumm cleaner missed. my yard is pure sand so it was no wonder we had so much hidden. cant wait to get the tiles laid. will primer floor tomorrow and my husband and son-in-law will lay tile this weekend. anyway here is a qp i made using the kit fresh by bea creations. hope you enjoy it. GOD BLESS AND GOOD NIGHT.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

spring fever

hello everyone. sorry this is so late in the evening (early morning). have been sick in bed for the last day and a half. really starting to have more bad days it seems. but it is all in GODS hands what HIS will is for our lives. our garden is doing very well. have done research on organic bug repellant and have been using garlic pepper spray. works well but have to use it often until get all bugs and larva killed. we have something good for the bugs next year. we planted ghost peppers. the hottest peppers known. anyway here is a qp i made using the kit spring fever by created by jill. enjoy and have a good night and GOD BLESS.


Monday, May 3, 2010

fairy princess

good evening to all and hope you have had a wonderful day. we have been busy going back and forth to ky and back, working on our garden and trying to remodel our house, anyway i have a qp for you made from the kit called fairy princess created by creations by leigh at heartfelt creations. check out her wonderful blog. hope all have a BLESSED DAY AND GOD BLESS.



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