Monday, December 27, 2010


good evening all. hope everyone had a blessed CHRISTmas as i have. just wanted to share a qp for you all tonight. it is called eclipse made by angels designs. i hope you will visit her blog and leave some blog luv. hope you all enjoy this. stay safe and GOD BLESS


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

christmas memories

just wanted to give you all 2 more qps before christmas. these qps are made from the kits christmas memories and crimson delight made by my dauther michelle at michelles_angels. also check out her 2 new stores, the poser realm and csi scrap lab. you will really enjoy them. please remember to leave some blog luv if you dl. MERRY CHRISTmas everyone. GOD BLESS.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

christmas 2010

good evening everyone. i am sorry but i only have 1 qp for you tonight because this is the only qp i have that was made by COH from assorted items from her kits. i hope you will enjoy this one anyway. cant wait for christmas eve. my youngest daughter is coming in from ky and we will all be together for christmas. that is the best christmas gift any mother can ask for. will try to post again before christmas eve. if i dont, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL. GOD BLESS


Saturday, December 18, 2010

vintage pleasures

hello everyone. are you ready for another 2 qps. i have made these two out of the kits of majic of mystee, called vintage pleasures and scarlet fever. i sure hope you enjoy these. will try posting again before christmas. just love making these things. i hope you all like them as much as i have fun making them for you. have a good evening.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

sweet magic

good evening everyone. well, im going up town with my oldest daughter. she is getting flooring for her sons room. getting rid of carpet. holds so much dust and dirt. i wanted to give you all 2 more qps before we go. i used the kits sweet magic and suenosdenavidad by dnscraps. just love her things and you will too if you visit her blog. remember please leave some blog luv if you dl. many blessisngs.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

blue winter

good evening all. what a nice day we had. i was in shorts and tank top today. GOD is good. today i felt like giving you all 2 more qps. they are blue winter and berry red christmas made by annies4corners. i just love her things. check out her site and you will also. remember if you dl please leave some blog luv


Thursday, December 9, 2010

blue ice

good evening all. boy has it been cold in the mornings, but thank GOD is warms up in the afternoon. i have been helping my older daughter move back into her house and trying to get ready for christmas. what a job this is turning out to be. anyway, i have 2 more qps for you that were from scrapindesigns kits called blue ice and hf1-tsp. please visit her blog and leave some luv. i hope you all enjoy and someone could use them. good night.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

letters to santa

good evening folks. the kids and i are getting really excited with christmas coming up. will be putting up my tree as soon as i can find my ornaments. i just love to watch the kids as the tree and the trimming go up. this is my favorite time of year. it seems as if this is the only time of year that seems as if there is any peace on earth. the kids and i love to bake a cake for JESUS on christmas day to celebrate his emaculate birth. we know it isnt really his birthday but the excitement of having a hugh celebration for HIM is really a blessing. enough babble, i have 2 more qps for all to enjoy. they are created by designs by vabs and the kits are letters to santa and alice in wonderland. if you dl, please leave some blog luv. good night.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

death by chocolate

good early morning everyone. just wanted to give you all a gift today to celebrate my 35 anniversary. hubby still the light of my life. hope everyone is as happy as i am. anyway the qps are death by chocolate and autumn brown that were created by dnscraps. she is so talented. please visit her and leave some blog luv if you dl. have fun.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010


i will be removing may through july of 2009 soon. if you want any of those now is your time to get them. need to make room for new. MANY BLESSINGS.



good evening everyone. hope your day was wonderful. was cold and raining here but was still nice. just got back from ky. the weather wasnt really bad there either. was glad to get back though. tonight i have 2 more qps for you that were made by twinky designs from the kits snowpals and a taggers christmas. i hope you can find use for them. please visit her blog and see all her beautiful kits. remember, if you dl please leave some blog luv. many thanks.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

bursting with color

hi everyone. here are the qps i promised you. they were made from the kits bursting with color and cruizin. these kits were made by annies4corners. please visit her blog and see all the wonderful things she has made. i just love working with her kits. if you dl please leave some blog luv. let us all never forget to GIVE THANKS TO GOD for this season and all our blessings.


6 year olds are sharing GOD;S love are you.

hello everyone. will be posting qps shortly, but first i want to share something with all. my daughter took her 6 year old twins to walmart yesterday and Ruby spotted the gift giving tree. she talked her mom into letting her pick an elderly person to help. her name is Wanda. Wanda needs a coat this year for christmas and Ruby wants to get it. she and her brother Nick are making christmas ornaments to sell for $1.00 each to make the money to help Wanda and as many others as they can. anyone interested in ordering any please send a message to my daughters email at and she will let you know how to pay pal her for them and let her know where to send them. here is a card Ruby made for Wanda and a picture of Nick and Ruby holding their ornaments. May GOD;S love guide you and bless you this holiday season.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

autumn eve

hello everyone. well the time is upon us again for all the fighting with the black friday sales. i usually keep all the kids while my girls go out and fight the crowd. to many people were acting crazy and tried quite a few times to hurt the little ones for a sale. not my thing but i am really getting excited about thanksgiving. we have so many things to be thankful for. GOD is just to good to us all. well i have 2 more qps for you all that i hope you will enjoy. they were from the kit autumn eve by scraps dimensions. what talent. pop on over and see all she has. good night and many blessings.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

50cent SNAP SALE

my daughter, michelle aka michelles-angels is having a spur of the moment 50cent SNAP SALE on all her products. you gotta be quick. don't know how long she will run this sale. her lifetime cu4cu ps layer style license is on sale for only $10 and her bms bundle (get 90+products) is on sale for only $15. thought i'd pass on the sale in case any of you might be interested. SHOP HERE. thank you.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

lets be thankful

good evening. what lovely weather we have had the past few days. up in the 70's. not bad for almost nov. i just love this time of year when the leaves all change color and falling. i love all the colors of fall, i think, best of all then the spring colors. i have 2 qps for you that was made by a wonderful person that goes by tootypup scraps. her kits i used were lets be thankful and forever fall. i really hope you enjoy these. please visit her blog and say hello. she is really talented. please leave some blog luv if you dl. many blessings.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

garden gate

i just wanted to give you all 2 more qps. i just love giving them away. these were from kits made by rasberry road. i really love her things. the kit names are garden gate and summers end. i hope someone can use them. if you dl please leave blog luv so i know you appreciate my time and effort. many BLESSINGS to all. enjoy the rest of the evening.


Sunday, November 7, 2010


sorry it has been a week since i last posted. lot of sickness here. you can tell it is flu season. i hate it when all the kids are sick. cant really do much for them. i have 2 more qps that i hope someone will enjoy. the qps are from designs by vabs and the kits are steampunked and fall. please leave some blog luv if you dl.


Monday, November 1, 2010

dream of a princess

hello everyone. what a busy weekend we have had. judgement journey, fall harvest parties etc. the kids really had some fun. the little ones could not go to judgement journey so they stayed at our church and had a party with movies. i am so glad that all went well for all. hope you all had a great weekend. here is 2 more quick pages that i made using the kits dream of a princess and fall time. these were made by DNScraps. i hope someone could use these. please leave some blog luv if you dl. MANY BLESSINGS.


Friday, October 29, 2010


good evening everyone. what a busy day we have had. the kids had a fall festival at school and we stayed for lunch afterward then we went to the store to get them some drinks. went back to school for their halloween party. i could never be a teacher. anyway i wanted to share 2 more qps with you all. i hope you can use them. they are from the kits bewitched and rainbow bridge that were created by designs by stina. what talent. if you dl please leave some blog luv. many blessings. ps i will have to delete some old ones soon to make way for new so grab them while you still can.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

sleigh ride

good afternoon everyone. what a beautiful day GOD has given us today. simply wonderful. had a great service today at church. well i have 2 more qps for you from the kits sleigh ride and seraphina that were made by baby cake scraps. i just love her things. please visit her blog and see all her items.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

fantastic land

hello everyone. are you ready for a few new qps. i hope so. i have 2 for you from the kits fantastic land and apples, pears and country fairs that were created by netties nightowl works. she is really talented. please visit her blog and if you dl please leave some blog luv. BLESSINGS TO ALL.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

goodbye summer

good evening everyone. GOD has once again blessed us with a wonderful day. i am so thankful for one more day to spend with my family. well i have 2 more qps for you all tonight. they are from the kit collabs from friends of rosegarden. they are goodbye summer and halloween. hop on over to their blog and check it out. very nice blog. remember if you dl please leave some blog luv. good night and enjoy.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ghost train

good early morning everyone. what a beautiful day it has been. even better in the cooler evening. i am so excited that nettes nightowl works has let me use her kits to make qps for all of you. i have 2 here one is ghost train and the other is gothic journey. these are for personal use only. i hope you enjoy these. please leave some luv on her blog if you visit. you will be glad you did.

click each lo to dl.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

new moon

hello everyone. hope all is well. i have a real treat for you all tonight. i have 2 qps from the kits new moon and twilight that were made by a very talented artist stina from designs by stina at cullenary delights. please check out her blog for all her beautiful items she has made. you will not be sorry you did. please leave some blog luv if you dl. enjoy.


Friday, October 8, 2010


good early morning everyone. it is 2:48 am and thought i would give you all 2 more qps before i drift off to never-never land. the kits are tara and summer bbq designed by magic of mystee. hope everyone will enjoy these. please leave some blog luv if you dl. thanks.

click each to dl.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


hello everyone. just wanted to say hi and give you another 2 qps. these came from the beautiful collab kit that is in michelles_angels_store. the kit is called horroween and has several designers in it and these items they made are simply wonderful. please check it out on her site. enjoy and leave some blog luv if you dl. (included is a preview of the kits)


Saturday, October 2, 2010

sunshine and lollipops

good morning everyone. it is only 3:00am but i am going to bed soon. just wanted to share 2 more qps with you all. i hope you enjoy these. i have two qps that were made from the kits sunshine and lollipops and gothic journey. both were made from created by jill. enjoy and good night.



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